Landscape Designer for YOUR Lifestyle

"Your Space, Your Lifestyle"

- Brought to Life  -

In the end, your yard matters (and size doesn’t).

It’s a matter of beauty, enjoyment, serenity…. and a place for you to escape and feel secure and private, surrounded by nature’s splendor. This is true whether you have acres or feet to work with. It’s even true if you have a condo with nothing but a patio – the perfect outdoor space can make a huge difference in your life.  Working with a garden designer will save you money on landscape installation. GardenGirl can help you create that perfect outdoor space.

Privacy Matters

If Not Now....Then When? 

Welcome to GARDENGIRLS, LLC a garden landscape design service located in Snohomish, WA. We focus on quality, saving clients money with reputable contractors and watching your delight when your design requirements have been fulfilled.


Do you need privacy from your neighbor? Is the fence not high enough? Do you need a honest assessment of your outdoor living space?  Do you love to entertain but pulling weeds is not your idea of a good time?  GardenGirl knows all about it. Let's talk.