Master Plan
Represents the final plan in greater detail and finalizing the materials.  Depending on the scope of work the master plan may include: Setting out plans, drainage, spot heights of property, irrigation, lighting, technical specifications


Functional Diagrams

Layout of key areas in the new garden (flow)

Research & Preparation

Meeting with you: 

What are your requirements, budget, timeline, ideas you have for your space?

Signing the contract:
Design work will commence once the Terms of Engagement and Proposal have been signed by you

Site Survey
GardenGirl will perform survey sites up to ¼ acre or approximately 10,000 sq ft.  Anything larger than this or has severe drops in level will be outsourced to a land surveyor and will be billed separately

The Design Brief
Lists your requirements 

Site Analysis
Analysis includes site layout, assessment of site issues and recommendations, light patterns, etc.

Construction & Detailed Drawings

Customized drawings for the contractors  (e.g. Custom pergola, Outdoor Patio, Decks, Driveways, etc)

Additional Service(s):

Specification and Bidding
Additional Services: GardenGirl will develop a detailed specification and invite contractors to tender and conclude with a report once all bids have been submitted

Project Management 
For the best results in implementing your design, GardenGirl is available for project management of the installation with the landscape contractors.  This ensures the contractors follow the specifications and no shortcuts are taken.  All contractors are licensed, bonded and insured

Full Landscape Design Service

The Design Process:

  1. Research & Preparation
  2. Design
  3. Construction Drawings and Contractor Bids
  4. Implementation
  5. Ongoing Evaluation

Sketch Plan
​This includes both 2D and 3D Drawings of your new garden space plus mood boards 

Landscape Designer for YOUR Lifestyle

Detailed Planting Plans
Planting plan to suit particulars of individual garden; includes planting schedule, names, position, and maintenance schedule